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Mistletoe & Memories Chapter 8

Christmas Eve Better than my birthday and New Year's Eve, Christmas Eve was without question my favourite night of the year. Even at nineteen, the anticipation of Christmas Day still got me, and celebrating on Christmas Eve with my friends and whoever happened to be in the pub – all inhibition free – was something I always looked forward to. This year, the shine had worn off somewhat. Declan had sent me one text message the day before, saying: Hello. How are you? Not entirely dissimilar to the one I'd sent him, the one he ignored. I wasn't trying to be petty or play games when I gave him the same treatment. I was trying to move on from what happened between us. Lucas had given me some things

Mistletoe & Memories Chapter 7

Three Days'til Christmas I'd eaten approximately three boxes of mince pies by Wednesday, plus a few of Kara's mum's homemade ones. The bonus was, I'd started going to the gym to burn off the stress of Declan not contacting me since Sunday so I'd eaten a ton of baked goods, but I actually looked better than I had before. Monday was the longest day of my life. I kept my phone glued to my side while I went out to finish my shopping, and left it beside me on the table while I wrote my Christmas cards and made a start on wrapping my gifts. When the evening rolled around, I genuinely convinced myself he'd call me. He'd be home from work, there was nothing stopping him. I sent him a quick text on T

Mistletoe & Memories Chapter 6

He fell asleep. Not right away, but pretty damn fast. He'd pulled me tight to him, and kissed my forehead, neither of us able to speak. I snuggled into him, and just as I was ready to say something, he gave a soft snore. Well that's just rude. I had to suppress a giggle, though. If my body hadn't still been buzzing, I'd probably have gone to sleep, too. Sex with Declan was kind of... naively perfect. Like I'd said, it was nothing like movie sex, where every angle, every movement is performed with ease and grace. But is was us. Young, horny and slightly awkward, yet a million times better than I could have imagined. Unlikely as it was that two people who spent most of their lives hating each

Mistletoe & Memories Chapter 5

One Week 'til Christmas Just under twenty-four hours later, I was at Declan's flat, confused as ever. Again, I hadn't heard from him all day, apart from when I text him to check we were still on for a movie, and he confirmed with a very simple: Yes :-) At least he hadn't changed his mind. I had no idea what to expect from Declan's place. Would it be messy or neat? Crammed with stuff, or minimalistic? Would there be dishes in the sink, or dirty socks on the floor? These little musings kept my brain busy while I waited for him to answer the door. It was freezing outside, and it took him so long to answer, I was concerned he'd forgotten me and gone out. The lights were on, though, and eventuall

Mistletoe & Memories Chapter 4

Declan and I didn’t arrange a definite time to meet, but we exchanged text messages for the rest of the day. And the next day. And the day after. Every day, he was the first to get in touch, and from around nine in the morning until well past ten or eleven at night, we kept the conversations going – mostly light-hearted and friendly, but occasionally crossing into personal, family stuff, and then onto flirty and almost obscene. With every new message, I wanted to see him more. I knew it would probably be the weekend before it happened, and that was okay with me. It gave me more time to mentally prepare myself so I didn’t turn into a wibbly mess in his presence. I’d learned more about him dur

Mistletoe & Memories Chapter 3

I slept peacefully, proud of myself for not hugging my phone to myself all night. That was a gesture of lameness I wasn’t ready for, but one thing I couldn’t control was the churning in my stomach. This time it had nothing to do with excessive alcohol. Truth be told, this was normal. Seeing Declan always came with a nervous tension. When I was younger, it was mostly because I was preparing for some kind of mocking. Now? I guessed I was preparing to be in close proximity for him for four hours with no escape, and little chance to hide the wave of emotions that continued to render me breathless when he said or did something I wasn’t expecting. I didn’t have much time to prepare, but I did ensu

Mistletoe & Memories Chapter 2

Less than twenty-four hours later, I sat in my living room nursing the hangover from hell. Kara and I had gone a little bit crazy with the vodka, which was why I was still in my onesie at four in the afternoon, my head throbbing, and an enormous mug of coffee in my hands. Kara bounded in carrying bags full of shopping, the spring in her step completely betraying her own hangover. “Why are you so energetic?” I asked, glaring at her from underneath my dark fringe. “Why aren’t you curled up beside the toilet, you know, like normal people?” She smiled. “I am caffeinated up to the eyeballs, and I took some painkillers earlier. I had to go out for supplies for tonight.” “Tonight?” “Yeah. Meg and O

Mistletoe & Memories

Chapter 1 Two Weeks 'Til Christmas “Oh my God, is that Declan Fox?” The words tumbled out of my mouth as if he meant something to me. You know, a bit breathy like I was secretly happy to see him while pretending he was the last person I wanted to bump into on a Friday night out with my uni friends. It wasn’t just any Friday night, either. It was our last Friday night in York before we all went home for Christmas. The seasonal spirit had been creeping into the city’s shops, pubs and clubs since late October, and now it was mid-December, you couldn’t move for tinsel and fairy lights. The booming sounds of Wizzard wishing it could be Christmas every day always made me smile, but the moment Decl

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