"A timely novel that invokes the recent #MeToo movement." - Annalisa Crawford, Costa Short Story Award Winner

"Hear What you Want looks at the foggy nature of consent and the borderline terrifying mob mentality of the internet." - Scout Dawson, Author

"One of the best books I've read in recent years. If you like stories such as 13 Reasons Why and Pretty Little Liars, you'll love this." - Clare Dugmore, Author

"A very real but raw story of how our virtual society can cause almost as much pain as the physical here-and-now ‘real society’. A heartbreaking but sensitively handled story." - Ladies Living In Bookland Blog

Things I wanted:
A great night out, and to meet my favourite band.

Things I didn’t want:
To wake up the next morning with my underwear beside me on the floor and a large chunk missing from my memory.
Guess which one I got.

Things I wanted:
To meet a pretty girl at my band's gig and have some fun.

Things I didn’t want: 
To find a photo of me and the pretty girl on social media with people questioning whether or not I raped her. 
But here we are. And that one photo? 
It changed everything.

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