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Rule number one of being on tour: Do NOT fool around with the band members

On the surface, Savannah Lloyd has everything the lead singer of a rock band should have:
A great voice and sass? Check.
A picture perfect social media profile? Check.
A desire to succeed in a male-dominated industry? Double check.

What she didn’t count on when her band signed up to go on the road was being thrown together with Chaos In The Courtyard’s resident manwhore, Theo Cavanaugh.

He is everything she hates: cocky, entitled, and selfish. He also happens to be sexy as sin...
Theo Cavanaugh enjoys three things:
Women. Drinking. Performing to sold-out crowds.

So, when the hottest new all-girl rock band is invited to tour the USA with Chaos In The Courtyard, he thinks all his dreams have come true.

However, having Savannah Lloyd on tour with him might just be his worst nightmare.

She’s beautiful, confident, but a little too similar to Theo’s ex. The last thing he wants is to be reminded of the woman who used him to further her career then left him in the dust.

With the ever-growing attraction between them, the pair engage in a dangerous game of cat and mouse which threatens everything they’ve worked for.
But you know what they say… everything is more tempting when it’s forbidden.

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