One girl. One band. The publicity stunt from hell. 

Playing peace-keeper between brothers is never easy. When one is your best friend and you’re falling in love with the other? Well, let’s just say their band name, Razes Hell, is pretty damn accurate.

Ellie has always been the buffer between her childhood friends, Drew and Jason Brooks, but things take on a whole new level of complicated when the brothers’ band explodes overnight. Dodgy bar gigs turn into sold out venues where fans scream their names... but nothing good lasts forever. Jason is on a downward spiral, while Drew’s brooding darkness makes Ellie’s heart and body ache for him.

As damaging headlines from the past surface and threaten to destroy everything they’ve managed to build, Razes Hell’s manager drives a wedge further between the brothers for the sake of publicity. Fame and drugs begin to irreparably damage the brothers’ relationship but nothing has them more at odds than their love for Ellie.

How can she continue to be the glue that holds them together when she’s the very thing that’s tearing them apart?

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